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A Whole Person Approach to Development [VIDEO]

A Whole Person Approach to Development [VIDEO]

Research shows that when we bring our whole selves to work, we’re more creative and perform better*. But in order to develop leaders who are agile, authentic, self-aware, and resilient, we have to improve how we measure this type of development.
Today’s leadership assessments miss a key ingredient for developing leaders who can sustain high performance year after year, and who can successfully adapt to change. They neglect to address the psychological resources that allow leaders to continuously learn, stay socially receptive, and sustain high levels of performance.
At BetterUp, we’ve made it our mission to address this crucial gap by developing a leadership  tool that sets individuals up for success, across all levels and functions within an organization. Our Whole Person Model is a radically new way of thinking about leadership development. It leverages the latest scientific research, combined with a powerful technology platform, and a model grounded in behavioral, positive, and organizational psychology.

Hear what Dr. Damian Vaughn, an expert in organizational development and BetterUp’s Chief Programs Officer, has to say about the benefits of a Whole Person approach to individual and organizational health and development.

Half Isn’t Going to Cut it: Take a Whole Person Approach from BetterUp on Vimeo.

A few soundbites from presentation:

You can watch and listen to the full audio above, but here’s a taste of what you’ll hear:

  • The accelerating rate of change is causing tremendous issues. Increasing complexity and the always-on work environment result in overwhelmed employees.
  • 83% of American workers say they are stressed out by their jobs. 53% report being burned out. Increasingly, they are disengaged. We’re in an engagement crisis, according to Gallup.
  • In the networked age, it’s not what you know, but how you live in this knowledge flow, and how you shape it. Context becomes king.
  • The Whole Person approach blurs the line between personal and professional, helping members build skills that will serve them in all aspects of life.

*Source: Debebe & Reinert, 2014; Wright & Cropanzano, 2000

Original art by Theo Payne.